Tax Planning

Because investment management and tax planning go hand-in-hand, we keep a close vigil on Canada’s ever-changing tax laws. We ensure that you get the most out of your hard-earned wealth by integrating effective tax minimization strategies into your personalized investment solutions.

Our extensive knowledge of tax laws and vast experience in devising customized tax minimization strategies will incorporate:

  • Tax deferred investment accounts
  • Tax-efficient investment solutions
  • Optimization of investment income
  • Timely structure of capital gains and losses

Adding Value

Many factors contribute to overall investment return, but research has shown that tax-efficiency has the largest long-term impact.

adding Value

Source: Vanguard

Given the importance placed on security selection by the business press, as well as many advisors and investment counselors, it’s surprising that security selection in fact has only a relatively small impact on wealth creation. At a 2% importance ranking, the choice of individual security as a key determinant in growth of an investment portfolio is dwarfed by the overall tax efficiency of the portfolio, which has an importance ranking of 28%.

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